Job-seekers with such qualities are highly sought after by employers seeking to hire remote workers. Recruiters won’t waste their time reading them due to their hectic schedules. The best thing to do is to limit your resume to no more than two pages. Putting remote work on a resume is an important part of self-branding, but listing every job you’ve ever had is just a time-waster for both you and the recruiter.

how to list remote work on resume

To thrive in a work-from-home-office environment, employees need to present different skills to do so. Here are the top ways to show your Remote Work Skills skills on your resume. Find out relevant Remote Work Skills keywords and phrases and build your resume today.

Where to add remote work on a resume?

Even with COVID vaccines, expect remote working to become even more popular than it currently is. You have several ways to show off remote work on a resume, but if you’ve never done it before, it may seem a bit tricky. Here are some ideas to give your resume a quick remote work makeover.

  • An employer will be more interested in hiring an applicant with experience in remote work.
  • As a rule, you should always customize your resume and cover letter for every job you apply to.

We will be providing you with various strategies to put remote work on your resume. However, you should only select some of them to prevent your resume from getting cluttered. The right plan for you will depend on your target industry and experience. On the other hand, an inexperienced person will have to be taught the protocols and practices of remote work. So, they will be ready to work right away and, in doing so, save the company valuable time and resources.

Apply for work from home positions

Typically, in a resume, you mention what you did in your prior jobs, whereas in this case, specify the responsibilities you’ve taken off-site. Present your experiences as professionally as possible if you want to land an opportunity. The dos and don’ts above will help you weave them into your resumes with ease. The smallest lie can have a huge repercussion on your job application. If you’ve added even a slight exaggeration in one of your remote opportunities, expect some questions from recruiters after they’ve reviewed your application.

  • How did you collaborate with other people in the office on shared projects?
  • This way shows that various firms put their trust in you to work for their organization from different locations.
  • As the work landscape evolves, the rise in remote work opportunities has undoubtedly caught the attention of many job seekers.
  • And though that doesn’t mean you’re not a part of a team, remote employers expect you to be independent.
  • While your resume may dazzle with a myriad of skill sets and achievements, adding the facet of telecommuting to it significantly increases your value in today’s work market.
  • By removing extraneous information, you will be making your resume much more concise.

In the U.S., more than 4.7 million people work remotely at least half the time. Work-from-home jobs are the most popular remote work, which many people love. If you need work-from-home jobs, too, you should have a resume for work from home jobs ready and send it out to prospective employees. After transitioning to a remote role, you may be how to list remote work on resume wondering how to list your position on your resume. When tidying up your work experience, here is how to show remote work on a resume so you can ensure your next job hunt goes as smoothly as possible. Brought to you by writers with over a decade of experience as remote workers, digital nomads, distributed leaders and worldwide recruiters.

How SaaS Is Changing the Future of Remote…

Add a few sentences around how you work remotely, communication process, and why this type of work is energizing and productive for you. While it shouldn’t harm you, I’m always cautious to not overdo it and stuff remote work keywords everywhere. But just keep in mind, not every tip below may apply to your resume specifically. Check out our article on how to spotlight your skills on your resume. Giving general details or just listing duties does not make you sound like that great of a candidate. Whether it is for your remote or other work experience, using quantities to describe achievements is the best method.

Especially remotely, where everyone is sort of tasked with the same responsibilities, differentiating yourself by providing numbers or amounts could be the reason for your hiring. You can title it ‘Remote Work Experience’ and add all your relevant significant achievements there. The recruiter will most likely know what responsibilities and skills came along with remote work without you having to specify them. Remember to make sure that what you are highlighting is relevant to the job posting. As sales manager, I was responsible for completely revamping our sales department to increase productivity and sales revenue.